January 8, 2017

Tunisia in the Wikileaks


I thought some of you might be interested in what was mentioned about Tunisia in WikiLeaks. Below is an article wrote by LAYLA and I thought it might give a good example about what was mentioned there for those who prefer not to go through 90 pages of text. But for those who want to read the full thing, you will find it in this PDF file provided by TuniLeaks.

Because it wasn’t just Saudia Arabia, Iran and Lebanon making the headlines: though it acts to the contrary, it seems the United States is aware of Tunisian abrogations of human rights and has given it some thought…

Personal Beliefs/Rights vs The State

Pope Shenouda III

So how far should the state intervene into someone’s life? does the state has the right to protect you from yourself?

How far should we comply to the state? when should we go against it? WHO has the right to encourage a certain group to go against the system? Everybody? Nobody?

Is it right to “use” religion against the state? Is it right to “use” the state against religion?

What makes sense to you personally and what doesn’t?