February 22, 2017

Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation

An estimated 135 million of the world’s girls and women have undergone genital mutilation, and two million girls a year are at risk of mutilation – approximately 6,000 per day. It is practiced extensively in Africa and is common in some countries in the Middle East. It also occurs, mainly among immigrant communities, in parts of Asia and the Pacific, North and Latin America and Europe. In the Middle East, FGM is practiced in Egypt, Oman, Yemenand the United Arab Emirates.

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Blackout-Proof the protests (From Avaaz)

Middle East Unrest

Across the Middle East — in Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, and more countries every day — autocratic regimes are trying to crush unprecedented peaceful protests with brutality and blackouts. These countries are poised on the brink between liberation and enormous bloodshed — and the protesters’ ability to reach the eyes of the world could determine the outcomes.

Avaaz is working urgently to “blackout-proof” the protests — with secure satellite modems and phones, tiny video cameras, and portable radio transmitters, plus expert support teams on the ground — to enable activists to broadcast live video feeds even during internet and phone blackouts and ensure the oxygen of international attention fuels their courageous movements for change.

ديون مصر الخارجية


لقد تم اقصاء الرئيس المصري السابق حسني مبارك عن السلطة بمظاهرات شعبية غير عادية ضد نظامه الفاسد، لكن ما لم نتخذ كلنا اجراءات فورية فقد يتمكن من أخذ ملياراته المسروقة من المال العام معه. وتصل تقديرات ثروة مبارك الى 70 مليار دولار موجودة في دول العالم! وأمام الحكومات أيام فقط لتجميد هذه الأموال قبل ان […]

Looking for a way to help Egyptians?

Mubarak Go away!

LIVE FEED: http://english.aljazeera.net/watch_now/ SIGN THIS: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/democracy… HELP HERE: http://www.freeegyptnow.org GO HERE: http://seda.me/ JOIN THIS: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid… Send this: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?crea…

Egypt’s road accidents higher than official statistics claim

A microbus hit by a train in Mansoura

Traffic crashes killed 8500 people and injured 35,000 in 2010 in Egypt, according to an Arab NGO!

Adel al-Kashef, head of the Cairo-based Arab Road Association, said the Egyptian government “is trying to impose a blackout on the real number of road accident victims.”

Personal Beliefs/Rights vs The State

Pope Shenouda III

So how far should the state intervene into someone’s life? does the state has the right to protect you from yourself?

How far should we comply to the state? when should we go against it? WHO has the right to encourage a certain group to go against the system? Everybody? Nobody?

Is it right to “use” religion against the state? Is it right to “use” the state against religion?

What makes sense to you personally and what doesn’t?